Alaska Fishing

Alaska Fishing

Alaska Fishing - Fishing in Alaska, a Lodge for Salmon Fishing and Halibut Fishing. 

Fishing in Alaska

Here at Alaska Fishing we hope to help you with everything you need to know about Fishing in Alaska. Up here, Fishing is a way of life. We know that you want the best Salmon Fishing and Halibut Fishing information from real Alaskan's.

Whether you need help planning your Alaska Fishing Vacation, or are just looking for tips to help you catch more fish when Salmon Fishing or Halibut Fishing, we have what you need. Feel free to visit our many informative fishing pages to learn everything you need to know, then you can book your perfect trip.

Alaska Fishing, A Trip of a Lifetime

Why visit Alaska? Why travel so far just to go fishing? Because you deserve it. At least once in every person's life they should do that once-in-a-lifetime trip, take the big plunge, and visit far away lands. A fishing trip to Alaska is the "Trip of a Lifetime." Many people discover that after tasting Alaska, after seeing her majestic beauty and feeling her spirit, part of you is always left behind with her. Alaska calls to you, and next thing you know that once in a lifetime trip turns into a tradition amongst family and friends. No matter how you get there, once you visit Alaska you will never be the same.

Fishing Guides and Charter Boats

Alaska has the world’s best fishing. What is it like to spend a day Fishing in Alaska? Well you can go Freshwater Fly Fishing in the morning for any of the five species of Alaskan Salmon that call these waters home, including; King Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, Coho Salmon, Pink Salmon, and Chum Salmon. If Fly Fishing is not your thing take out a river Fishing Guide on a drift boat to catch big salmon on spinning gear.

Later that day, after you have had enough of Salmon Fishing, try hitting Saltwater and go Charter Boat Fishing for giant Alaskan Halibut. Your arms will be tired from the catch thanks to the Halibut Fishing Guide's knowledge and experience. Remember some of these Halibut can weigh hundreds of pounds.

Fishing in Alaska for Silver Salmon / Coho Salmon

Salmon Fishing and Halibut Fishing Vacations

Fishing here in AK is the experience of a lifetime. You can battle a 50 lb. Wild Alaskan King Salmon on the end of your fly rod, or fight the tenacious pull of a barn door Halibut that could easily be bigger than you are. Either way you will always treasure the time that you spent here with family and friends. This is the quintessential Alaska experience.

At the end of the day, you can kick back and relax at your beautiful Alaskan Fishing Lodge. Look out off the back deck at the majestic mountains and glaciers, while majestic bald eagles fly by overhead. Sit around the fire and share stories of your catch, drink a beer, or share s'mores with the kids.

We hope we can help you make your Alaska Dream Vacation come true. Remember, unlike a cheap Vegas trip, what happens in Alaska will stay with your for a lifetime. Visit our extensive site for more information, and how to guides, then feel free to visit a guide's page via the links to book the adventure you have been waiting for.

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