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Anchorage Alaska Fishing City Skyline
Downtown Anchorage : Image by Frank Kovalchek

Fishing in Anchorage Alaska

Anchorage is Alaska’s largest city, but also provides a very unique opportunity for sport fishing. In Downtown Anchorage, you can catch a Broadway style show, eat dinner at restaurants the rival any modern city‘s offerings, and catch 25-30 pound King or Chinook Salmon and 7-10 pound Coho or Silver Salmon.

Within the town there are numerous lakes and streams which offer excellent fishing for Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden, Grayling, and other stocked fish, including landlocked Salmon. 

There are a variety of areas to fish in and around Anchorage. Some of the most popular areas are below. By clicking on the name of any of the areas, you will be taken to another page with more detailed information about the fishery.


Anchorage Fishing Areas

Fishing in Ship Creek:

Ship Creek offers fishing for King and Silver Salmon right in downtown Anchorage. Famous for its “Combat Fishing”, this is one of the most popular fishing areas in the city.

Eagle River Fishing:

Eagle River offers a small run of King Salmon, Silver Salmon, and both freshwater and ocean going Dolly Varden Char.

Fishing in Campbell Creek:

Campbell Creek is a wonderful sport fishery that runs through the middle of the Anchorage area. The area is designated a “green belt”, and offers an opportunity to view wildlife right in the middle of town, in addition to great fishing for Salmon, Trout, and Char.

Bird Creek Fishing:

Bird Creek is a popular fishing area located about 25 miles south of Anchorage on the Seward Highway. Bird Creek offers a solid of Silver Salmon (Coho), as well as runs of Pink Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, and Chum Salmon.

Fishing Anchorage Area Stocked Lakes:

The State of Alaska stocks nearly all lakes in the area with fish on a frequent basis. Some of these lakes offer fantastic fishing, especially when other options are limited while the Salmon runs are not in area rivers and streams. All lakes in Anchorage are open to fishing year round, with the only exception being Campbell Lake, which is closed to all types of fishing.

Fishing Turnagain Arm and Area Rivers:

There are numerous opportunities for fishing in the Turnagain Arm area, including area rivers and creeks. Twentymile and Placer rivers, and Portage, Glacier, and Ingram creeks are great areas to target all types of Salmon except kings.

Turnagain Arm Fishing
Turnagain Arm Beluga Point near Anchorage : Image by Frank Kovalchek

Rules and Regulations:
Fishing in Anchorage Alaska

Fishing regulations are often different for each water you fish, and ca change frequently. If you are unsure of the regulation in your area, we recommend you read the current regulation posted by the ADF&G Division of Sport Fish. When fishing, be sure you have your sport fishing license or a ADF&G  permanent ID card.

All Fishermen must purchase a king salmon stamp to fish for kings with very few exceptions. Licenses and stamps can be purchased at most grocery stores and tackle shops in the Anchorage area, or on the fish and game website.

Bear danger when fishing in Anchorage Alaska

Don‘t be foolish and ignore the bear danger just because you are in a city. People have encounters with bears frequently within the Anchorage City Limits. Both brown bears and black bears are abundant in the Anchorage area, and they congregate in and around the same salmon streams people prefer to fish. Common sense says you should prepared for a bear encounter whenever you are outside in Alaska, but you should be especially careful while you are fishing

Keep yourself, your belongings, and your friends safe by following bear safety recommendations when fishing in Anchorage.


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