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Fishing in Ship Creek

Fishing in Ship Creek Anchorage
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Ship Creek Fishing in Anchorage Alaska

Anchorage Alaska's ship creek is one of Alaska's most unique fishing destinations. Ship Creek, located in the middle of the Anchorage industrial / business district, is open for Salmon Fishing from the mouth of the creek, upstream to a cable, near the Chugach Electric Dam, which marks the end of the fishing zone. King Salmon and Silver Salmon are the most popularly targeted fish in Ship Creek.

This is urban Alaskan “combat fishing” at its best! Care and courtesy is required when fishing in this highly popular fishery due to the large numbers of fishermen, and the industrial nature of the area. Plenty of parking, and even fishing gear rentals, are available in the vicinity. There are trails and areas to fish along both the North and South banks.

King Salmon Fishing in Ship Creek

Starting in the middle to end of May, large returns of King Salmon begin to arrive in ship creek. The run peaks in June. King Salmon in Anchorage’s Ship Creek are sensitive to the tides, so the your best opportunities begin 90-120 minutes before the high tide, as the tide comes in, so do the fish. 

Because of the heavy current, tight fishing spaces, and crowds, a heavy spinning rod with 20+ pound test is the preferred combination, although others prefer to use a 9-12 weight fly rod. 

Popular Lures include yarn flies in a variety of colors, Spin-n-Glos, Pixees, Vibrax Spinners, Coho Flies and Streamers.

Ship Creek Silver Salmon Fishing

Starting in Mid-July, Coho or Silver Salmon begin to arrive, with the peak of the run occurring in mid-August.  Just like with the King Salmon fishery, heavier rods and stout line is recommended. Spinners and Spoons, as well as Streamers, Coho Flies, and Roe are popular lures for these aggressive strikers. Suspending Salmon Roe under a bobber is perhaps the most popular bait of choice.

Ship Creek’s other fish species:

Small runs of Pink and Chum Salmon arrive in the creek with similar timing to the Silver Salmon run. Rainbow Trout can be caught in the upstream area on flies.

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