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Alaska Freshwater Fishing

Freshwater Fishing in Alaska, River adn Stream Fishing

Freshwater Fishing in Alaska

Freshwater Fishing in Alaska can be separated into two categories: Fishing for spawning ocean going fish, such as Salmon Fishing when they return to fresh water, and fishing for native freshwater fish in rivers, streams, and Lakes like Fly Fishing for trout.

Salmon Fishing in Freshwater:

Fishing for Salmon in Freshwater has its roots in a very amazing Salmon phenomenon. Each year millions of Salmon make their way on one heck of an epic journey, from hundreds or even thousands of miles away the come, and they return in mass to the freshwater rivers and streams where they were born. This provides a unique opportunity to catch large oceangoing fish in small freshwater streams and rivers.

Spawning Salmon have been fished by Alaskan Natives for thousands of years. Today modern fishermen and Natives alike, participate in harvesting this bounty from the sea. Salmon runs are seasonal events typically occurring from Spring through Fall. When the Salmon are running small streams can become so choked with fish you would think there are more fish then water in the stream.

Fishing for Salmon in Alaska at this time can be done using a variety of techniques including Fly Fishing, Bait Fishing, and using Artificial Lures, Spinners, and Spoons. Often times the Salmon are not actively feeding so it is important to position the bait or lure right in front of the fish so that you can get an instinctual attack.

Trout, Pike, Char, and more Alaska Fishing Species:

Alaska waters are also home to a great variety of freshwater sport fish that live their whole lives in Alaska's rivers, streams, and lakes. Some species that are prized by anglers in Alaska include, Dolly Varden, Arctic Char, Rainbow Trout, Grayling, Cutthroat Trout, Lake Trout, and Northern Pike.

Alaska Northern Pike Fishing, Big Northern Pike in Alaska

Lake fishing is often done with bait or artificial lures. Alaska is home to so many lakes and ponds, over such a large area, there are many places in Alaska where you can be guaranteed to have the entire lake to yourself.

Fly Fishing in Alaska's Lakes, Rivers, and Streams:

Small streams and rivers are very popular with Fly Fishermen. Varies flies that are designed to emulate natural food sources are often the best producing. Because Alaska is so large and geographically diverse it is best to consult with a local guide or expert to find out what is most productive in a particular stream.

Charter Pilots and Guides offer services to drop you off at remote locations and lakes. This is a trip of a lifetime for someone who really loves the peace and tranquility of nature.

Whether you are looking to fish in lakes, streams, or rivers, for native freshwater or returning saltwater spawners, Alaska has a place for you.