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Haines Alaska Fishing

Haines Alaska Fishing - Salmon Fishing and Halibut Fishing in Haines, AK. 

Fishing in Haines Alaska

In Haines Alaska, Fishing can be phenomenal. Let me tell you, any excuse to visit Haines, one of the most picturesque port towns in Southeast Alaska that a fisherman could visit, is a good one.

When you go Fishing in Haines you can expect to catch fish in both fresh and saltwater. Fisherman target Chinook or King Salmon as well as Halibut, Coho or Silver Salmon, Rockfish, Ling Cod, Crab and Shrimp in the sea. Freshwater Fishing for King Salmon, Silver Salmon, Sockeye, Pink Salmon, Chum Salmon, Trout, and Dolly Varden is also popular.

Haines is one of the most accessible towns in Southeast Alaska as you can get there by Road, Sea, or Air. There is no doubt that Haines Alaska is also popular place for fishermen, some of which drive down from the Yukon Territory in Canada. Fishing in Haines can be one of the most positive Alaskan Fishing Experiences, due to its small town charm, ease of access, and excellent Alaska Fishing Opportunities.

Freshwater Fishing Areas

Fishing the Chilkat River

The Chilkat River is easily accessible for fishing by road from Haines Alaska and provides fishermen a great opportunity to go fishing on a run of Silver Salmon, or Coho Salmon, as well as a chance to go fishing for Chum Salmon, Pink Salmon, Sockeye Salmon and Dolly Varden. The river flows through the Chilkat bald Eagle Preserve and is a very great spot to watch eagles while fishing. The river is a glacially fed, silty, braided river with many tributaries and streams leading into it.

Chilkat Lake Fishing

Chilkat Lake is accessible by boat or by floatplane. It offers great fishing for Coho and Sockeye Salmon, and is more isolated then some of the other more popular fishing areas around Haines Alaska. There are a few private cabins along the shores of the lake, and there is a small ramp in the river near the lake which provides a place to put in your boat.

Fishing in the Chilkoot River

The Chilkoot River is very popular fishing spots with locals, tourists, and bears alike. The Chilkoot has solid runs of Pink and Sockeye Salmon as well as a Smaller Coho Run. Both freshwater and Sea Run Dolly Varden can be caught in the river. This is a favorite area for bear viewing so bear safety precautions should be taken. It is easily access by road so crowds may be present during tourist season.

Fishing in the Chilkoot River, Haines Alaska 

Chilkoot Lake Fishing

Chilkoot Lake is a clear, clean, glacially fed lake, which has a few feeder streams as well as the Chilkoot River emptying into it. The lake is drained by a small section of the Chilkoot River. Access is available by road, and there is a small ramp and dock for launching boats into the lake. There is also a small campground near mouth of the Chilkoot River where it drains the lake. A great place for your first Alaska Fishing adventure, you can go Silver Salmon Fishing, or target Sockeye, Pink Salmon, Dolly Varden and Trout in the lake.

The Tsirku River

The Tsirku is a glacially fed tributary of the Chilkat River. Alaska Fishermen can fish for Silver Salmon and well as Chum, Sockeye, and Pink Salmon in the river. Also catches of Dolly Varden and trout are possible. The Tsirku River has a very large braided delta where it feeds into the Chilkat River near the Native Alaskan Village of Klukwan, called the Tlingit “Mother Village.”

Klehini River Fishing

The Klehini River is the largest tributary of the Chilkat River. It flows down from British Columbia Canada into the Chilkat. Parts of the Klehini are accessible by rough logging roads, but the easiest access for great fishing is by boat. Fishing in the Klehini can produce fantastic numbers of Silver Salmon as well as Chum Salmon and Dolly Varden.

Saltwater Fishing Areas

Lynn Canal Fishing

The Lynn Canal is one of the deepest and longest fjords in the world, as well as the deepest in North America. Some sections are over 2000 feet deep. Fishing for Halibut, King Salmon and Ling Cod are popular. Large Halibut are frequently caught just outside town, and catches of Rockfish and both sport and subsistence Crab and Shrimp fishing are also available.

Fishing in Alaska's Lynn Canal near Haines Alaska 

Chilkoot Inlet or Lutak

The Chilkoot Inlet near Lutak Alaska is a great place to fish for Kings and Silver Salmon. It is a deep fjord at the northernmost part of the Lynn Canal and has a few freshwater streams as well as the Chilkoot River emptying into it. During the Salmon runs this inlet becomes think with fish. There is a small harbor right on the inlet and it is also and easy run from town.

Fishing in the Chilkat Inlet

The Chilkat inlet is formed where the Chilkat River empties into the ocean at the Lynn Canal. Over the course of many many years the Chilkat River has filled in this fjord with silt so it is not as deep as some other areas around the Lynn Canal. Halibut Fishing on the bottom is popular near the deeper pockets and shelves. King Salmon Fishing though is by far the most popular fishing done in this inlet. Silver Salmon, Chum Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, and Dolly Varden are also present in these fruitful waters popular with local fishermen.

Taiya Inlet Fishing

The Taiya Inlet is a glacially carved deep water fjord that runs from the top of the Lynn Canal near Haines up to the town of Skagway. Halibut fishing as well as fishing for hatchery Chinook or King Salmon are popular in the inlet. Silver Salmon can be caught as well as Dolly Varden.

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