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Kenai Peninsula Salmon Runs

Kenai Peninsula Fishing Salmon Run
Image courtesy of the US Fish and Wildlife Service

Salmon Run Times - Fishing in Kenai Alaska

When Salmon Fishing in Alaska it is important to know when the Salmon are in the rivers. If you know when the Salmon Runs are, and are familiar with Salmon Run Timing, then you will be able to focus your fishing on times when the fish are in the rivers. Below for your convenience we have posted the Salmon Run Timing for the Kenai Peninsula Area. These are some of the best times to go Fishing in the Kenai River and Russian River as well as other area fishing spots.

King Salmon Run Timing

Kenai River King Salmon Run: Two runs of King Salmon are expected with the Early Run from mid-May to July and the late run is from early July to season closure in late July or early August.

Kasilof River King Salmon Run: King Salmon arrive in Late May until the end of the season typically in late July.

Anchor River, Deep Creek, and Ninilchik King Salmon Run: Late May to mid-June you can catch King Salmon in these waters.

Deep Creek Salt Water King Salmon Run: There are two King Salmon Runs. The first is an early run from early May to late June, and the second late run is from late June to August.

Homer spit King Salmon Run: Mid-May to early July are the best times to target King Salmon in Saltwater.

Halibut cove King Salmon Run: Mid-May to early June are great times to go trolling for King Salmon in Halibut Cove.

Red Salmon Run Schedule

Kenai River Sockeye Salmon Run: Red Salmon run from Mid-June through August.

Russian River Red Salmon Run: There are two Sockeye Salmon runs, one from mid-June through July, and another Red Run from mid-July Through the season closure in late August.

Kasilof River Sockeye Run: Reds are in the Kasilof River from June through August

Silver Salmon / Coho Salmon Runs

Kenai River Silver Salmon Run: Coho are in the Kenai River from late July until late September.

Kasilof River Coho Salmon Run: Silver Salmon Run in the Kasilof from late July through September.

Anchor, Deep Creek, and Ninilchik River Coho Salmon: Catch Silvers from August to mid-September.

Homer Spit Silver Run: Coho Salmon can be caught in two runs; from mid-July 'til early August, and from late August to mid-September.

Pink Salmon Run Timing

Kenai River Pink Salmon Run: Catch Humpies in the Kenai River from mid-July through August.

Steelhead Trout Runs

Anchor River Steelhead Run: Steelhead spawn up the Anchor River from mid-August to early November (catch-and-release only).

Homer Dolly Varden

Homer Spit Dollies: Mid-May to mid-July

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