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Kenai Alaska Fishing

Kenai Alaska Fishing - Girl with Juvenile Salmon
Image courtesy of the US Fish and Wildlife Service

Fishing in Kenai Alaska

Fishing in Kenai Alaska offers you more than just a chance to catch World Record Salmon. Kenai is the sixth largest city in Alaska, and offers one of the most interesting histories of any town in Alaska. When going Salmon Fishing in Kenai, there are a few places, besides the Salmon filled Rivers, you will want to visit.

One of those historic places is Old town Kenai. Old town has examples of historic architecture, including the Holy Assumption of the Virgin Mary Russian Orthodox Church and the Saint Nicholas Memorial Chapel. In Kenai, not only is the town beautiful, but the fish are too.

Kenai’s Erik Hansen Scout Park is located on the main bluff, and is a great place to watch the locals dipnet fishing for salmon in mid-summer. Off Bridge Access Road, the viewing boardwalk offers a closer look at the tidal flats and Kenai’s caribou herd. If you take a look across the Cook Inlet you can see Kenai’s three active volcanoes, Iliamna, Redoubt, and Spurr.

Alaska Combat Fishing

The Kenai and Russian rivers are world famous spots for combat fishing. Combat fisherman stand shoulder to shoulder along the river all fishing for Alaskan Salmon as they run up the rivers. Don't be concerned about whether or not there are enough fish to go around. There are plenty of Wild Alaskan Salmon for everyone. The Kenai and Russian rivers have some of the largest salmon runs and the biggest salmon in the world.

When combat fishing in Alaska you should wear protective clothing to decrease the risk of injury from rouge lures. This protective fishing clothing should consist of light weight gloves, a long sleeve shirt, eye protection, and a round brimmed hat. If you cannot get a round brimmed hat, then a baseball cap is another good option.

Kenai Alaska Salmon Run Timing

Fishing in Kenai is productive only when there are actually Salmon in the Rivers. Click Here to find out When the Salmon are in the Kenai and Russian Rivers, so you can schedule your trip when the fishing action is hot.

Freshwater Fishing Areas

Fishing the Kenai River

One of the best places to go fishing for salmon in Alaska is near Kenai. It is here that the gorgeous Kenai River, drains into saltwater in the Cook Inlet. The king salmon world record holder, Les Anderson, hooked his award winning, 97.25 pound Chinook Salmon in these waters. The king salmon tend to travel toward the center of the river, instead of along the banks like the smaller, but still delicious, sockeye salmon. Silver Salmon, or Coho Salmon, and Pink salmon also make runs up this Alaskan River.

If you intend to try to get out in the middle of the river to target Silvers or Kings, there are a number of places to put in your boat. Remember, many launch sites require additional fees, but if you are fishing with a guide you will not need to worry about it.

For bank fishing you need to always watch the signs. A large portion of the river is closed to fishing in order to preserve the riparian zones of the river, and many areas are private property. Also be sure to check out the local fishing regulations before you cast your line to make sure you’re using the right lures. In worst case scenarios you could receive a fine or even jail time for using illegal lures or baits in the wrong area.

Kenai River Fishing - Family Salmon Fishing
Image courtesy of the US Fish and Wildlife Service

Russian River Fishing

The Russian River is a true locals favorite, and often on the Russian River, sockeye are the salmon you’re after. Some days the Sockeye Salmon are so thick that no matter what you are fishing with, you could hook into a big Salmon. Other days, the Sockeye Salmon Run may be thin. If you watch the locals you will see they go fishing in the deeper pools when the Salmon are less abundant. The sockeye, and other salmon, like to rest in the deep holes before heading out for another long stretch. Sockeye salmon are the most acrobatic of the five species of salmon, so they will give you a good fight.

Fishing in Kenai Peninsula Lakes

For a great time fishing near the city of Kenai there are plenty of lakes, some of which are accessible by road. A few of these lakes offer stocked trout and Coho salmon, while others contain native species such as lake trout, rainbow trout, grayling, char, and northern pike. Roadside lakes offer a great opportunity for family fishing, easy access and a quieter environment than many of the rivers. Ask questions in a local bait and tackle shop to find out which area lakes have hot fishing action in various seasons.

Remote Fly-out Fishing

Some of the best fly-out fishing guides depart from the Kenai area. One of the many popular day trips takes you over the Cook Inlet to the Kustatan River. Here you can go fishing for silver salmon and will almost always reach your catch limit. The silver salmon runs from mid-July on through to August. These trips usually cost on average between $230 to $325 per person.

If you are looking for some great king salmon fishing, away from the combat scene, fly down to the Nushagak River. It is not uncommon to catch more than ten king salmon in a trip and you will almost always reach your limit. A day trip to the Nushagak River can be arranged through local guides and bush pilots.

Saltwater Fishing Areas

Cook Inlet Halibut Fishing

Halibut Fishing in the Cook Inlet is available for those who want an escape from Salmon fishing, or those who just want a chance to catch a massive fish that is twice your own size. The Cook Inlet offers great chances to Catch Big Halibut. Also many Halibut Charters leave from the town area and offer deep water fishing for Halibut, Cod, Rockfish, and other local bottom dwellers. Occasionally people will try targeting King Salmon while Saltwater Fishing. A trolling technique works well as it allows you to cover plenty of area and put your bait in front of lots of fish.

Visiting other towns in the Kenai Peninsula and Southcentral Alaska? Here are more places to look for Alaska fishing information on the Kenai Peninsula:
Nikiski, Soldotna, Homer, Seldovia, Ninilchik, Anchor Point, Kasilof, Sterling, Seward.

Fishing in the Anchorage Area