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Fishing in Kodiak Alaska

Fishing in Kodiak Alaska
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Kodiak Alaska Fishing Information

Kodiak Alaska, also known as America’s Emerald Isle, is an island in Western Alaska. Since all traffic on and off of the island is through the Town of Kodiak, this guide will deal mostly with the fishing available from here. The town of Kodiak Alaska is on the south eastern part of the island and is about 250 miles south of Anchorage by plane. 

Originally settled by Alutiiq natives over 7000 years ago, it is home of the Kodiak Bear, from whence the bear gained its namesake, and is well known for its great fishing and hunting opportunities.  The Island was later settled by Russian immigrants and became the capitol of Russian Alaska before Alaska was purchased by the United States in 1867. Kodiak is accessible by plane, helicopter or by ferry via the Alaskan Marine Highway. Two airlines offer daily flights out of Anchorage, depending on weather, to Kodiak. They are Alaska Airlines (1-800-252-7522) and ERA Airlines (1-800-866-8394).If the passenger and vehicle ferry sounds more your speed, then the Alaska Marine Highway system offers trips from Homer and Seward to Kodiak four times a week during the fishing season (1-800-642-0066).

Kodiak has a lot to offer the sports fisherman

The six thousand plus community of Kodiak thrives on an economy based mainly in the commercial fishing industry, but its secondary source of income is tourism. This is a good thing for fisherman and hunters looking for an adventure in the great Alaskan wilderness, as it means the people there know their business and will be able to provide lodging and services to make sure your stay is both pleasant and fruitful.

Kodiak offers excellent fishing for all five species of salmon as well as Halibut, Rockfish, Lingcod, Dolly Varden, and two kinds of trout (steelhead and rainbow). Obviously where you fish is what makes all the difference in what you catch, so let’s get to what you really want to know about Kodiak Alaska. The fishing areas in Kodiak can be divided into two main types, Kodiak Road Zone areas and Remote Areas.

Kodiak has a lot to offer the sport fisherman, and if you want to hunt, there is an abundance of opportunity there as well. This is a wonderful piece of Alaskan Wilderness that should not be missed.


Halibut, Rockfish, and Lingcod fishing in Kodiak

These two type so fish are in the salt water regions around Kodiak Island. Halibut sport fishing is available from April until early September. The great thing about Halibut, besides its mild flavor, is that these fish average 25 to 40 pounds and are commonly over 150 pounds. Guided fishing trips for Halibut are recommended as the guides will know the best places to fish for Halibut, but some good spots according to the Alaska Fishing and Wildlife website are Buoy 4, Cape Chiniak, and the waters surround Long and Spruce Islands.

Lingcod are slow growing and slow to reproduce, so they need some more strict conservation rules than other types of fish. In this case, fishing for Lingcod is not permitted before July 1st as the males are guarding the fertilized eggs until that point. After that, it is okay to fish them and harvest them, but there may be limits on the number of Lingcod you can harvest. You should check the restrictions pamphlet before fishing for this sharp toothed denizen of the deep.

Geoffrey Deshazer
Alaska Fishing Contributor

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