Alaska Fishing

Alaska Fishing Lodges

Accommodations for fishermen in Alaska can vary greatly. Some Alaskan Lodges offer every amenity from gourmet meals, to a professional massage on the beach after a long day of fishing. Others, like some Alaska Fishing Cabins offer just what you need, without the bells and whistles; a tiny room, a tiny bed, and a tiny price.

Alaska Fishing Lodges, Cabins, and Fish Camps

Full Service Alaska Fishing Lodges:

Full Service Fishing Lodges are a great solution for someone who wants to have a wonderful Alaska Fishing Vacation, without all the hassle of scheduling everything separately. A full service Alaskan Lodge will include your lodging, meals, fishing with a professional Alaskan fishing guide, and often even cleaning and packaging the fish you catch, all for one package price. These Alaskan fishing vacation packages with Lodging, Guide Services, and food all in one can offer a great value.

Many full service lodges in Alaska have seasonal rates, and if you are willing to travel to Alaska in the spring or fall, when fishing is excellent, there are often discounted rates available.

Alaska Bed and Breakfasts, Cabins, and other Lodging Options:

Another option is to book your lodging and your fishing in Alaska separately. Local Alaskan Bed and Breakfasts and small Cabin Style Lodges are available in large and small towns across Alaska.

Booking this way may be best if you want to participate in other great activities, while in Alaska, besides fishing. Fish for a few days, and then take a couple days to explore the town and local culture. Feel free to eat at a variety of restaurants and meet and interact with the locals.

Alaska Fly-in Cabin, Fly In Cabin

Remote Alaskan Lodges, Fishing Camps, and Alaska's famous Fly-in Cabins:

One last consideration is Alaska's famous Remote Lodges, Fish Camps, and Fly-in Cabins. These services are great at getting you out into the pristine Alaskan Outdoors. Charter a small plane with a real Alaskan Bush Pilot to a remote destination where you will feel just what it is like to be really out there.

Personally I love traveling to places where you can not get there by road. There is a certain charm and excitement. It is nice to be away from traffic and it is quite an experience to be in a place where you see more Moose and Bald Eagles then you do people or cars.