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Fishing in Petersburg Alaska

Petersburg Alaska Fishing - Fishing for Salmon

When fishing in Petersburg Alaska you have an abundance of fishing locations and styles to choose from. Petersburg offers saltwater fishing from a boat or from shoreline on miles of Alaska coastline. You could also go fishing in one of Petersburg, AK’s many roadside streams and lakes. For a unique adventure you could even fly-in to one of the many remote lakes or streams in the area. When it comes to variety and quality of fishing, Petersburg Alaska is arguably one of the best fishing destinations in the state.

Freshwater Fishing in Petersburg Alaska

In Petersburg Alaska, fishing in freshwater is very popular. The road system throughout the area offers access to rivers and streams, lakes and ponds with Coho Salmon (Silver Salmon), Pink Salmon, Steelhead, Sockeye Salmon, Trout, Dolly Varden, Cutthroat, occasionally King Salmon in some larger streams or rivers, and other fish. On lakes, rivers, and streams small boats, canoes, and kayaks can be used to reach excellent fishing grounds for both fly fishing and standard fishing with a spinning rod. In some areas shoreline access is available for fishing without a boat.

Saltwater Fishing in Petersburg Alaska

Petersburg offers great Saltwater Fishing. Saltwater areas are easily accessible by boat, but without a boat there are still limited opportunities for saltwater fishing from shore. From a boat you can go fishing for King Salmon or Chinook, Coho Salmon or Silvers, Giant Halibut, Rockfish, Ling Cod, and other types of fish. You can even go out and target shellfish. In Petersburg you can go King Crab Fishing, as well as fishing for Tanner Crab, Clams, Scallops, Shrimp (spot prawns), and a local favorite, fishing for Dungeness Crabs, which locally are simply called dungys.

Petersburg Alaska Salmon Fishing

Salmon Fishing in Petersburg is very accessible. Saltwater and Freshwater opportunities for Salmon Fishing abound in Petersburg, AK. Booking a day with a Petersburg Alaska Salmon Fishing Guide is the best way to experience everything that Alaska has to offer in a town that you are unfamiliar with.

Freshwater Fishing Areas near Petersburg

Fishing in Petersburg Alaska in a Lake

Fishing in the Stikine River

The Stikine River begins in the snowcapped mountains of Northwestern British Columbia, Canada. After winding into Alaska, it empties into the Pacific Ocean just north of Wrangell, near Petersburg Alaska. In the Stikine Salmon Fishing for all 5 species is possible. Dolly Varden, Arctic Grayling, Rainbow Trout, Cutthroat Trout, and even the occasional Steelhead are also caught in this majestic river by anglers.

The Stikine is one of the most beautiful, and largest rivers, in Southeast Alaska. John Muir, the famed explorer, called the Stikine "A Yosemite 100 miles long." The name of the river in Tlingit is "Great River," and a great river it is. Catching big aggressive Silver Salmon in the Stikine is an anglers dream vacation. Petersburg, and neighboring Wrangell, can function as your home base for great Stikine River Fishing.

Falls Creek Fishing

Falls Creek is a road accessible creek that is about 11 miles south of Petersburg. Silver Salmon Fishing is popular in late Summer and Fall, also Steelhead are caught in Falls Creek in the Spring. Pink Salmon and Chum Salmon also make runs up the creek and act as a fun and easily accessible fishery for those who are just looking for a good bend in the rod.

Fishing in Big Bear Creek

Fishing in Big Bear Creek can produce excelling Silver Salmon and Steelhead. When the Coho and sea run rainbows are not in the creek you do not need to be discouraged. Cutthroat Trout, and Dolly Varden are available all summer long and regularly attack flies and spinners. Getting there is easy as it is situated around between mile 9 and mile 10 on Three Lakes Loop Road.

Blind River Fishing

Local fisherman love to drive the easy 15 miles to get to the accessible and productive King Salmon Fishing in the Blind River. Between June and Early August the giant Chinook King Salmon are thick in the river, regularly striking flies, streamers, spinners, and spoons. Steelhead run into the river in May. The Crystal Lake Hatchery regularly releases King and Silver Salmon smolts into the nearby Crystal Creek, this sports fishing enhancement program helps supplement natural runs by contributing additional salmon to the area that are just waiting for you to come catch them.

Petersburg Lake, and Fishing in Petersburg Creek

Another one of the most productive freshwater fishing spots is Petersburg Creek, located just across the Wrangell Narrows from Petersburg, it is only accessible by boat. Silver Salmon, Pink Salmon, Chum Salmon, and Sockeye or Red Salmon all make runs up the river. Steelhead are present in the Spring, and Dolly Varden and Cutthroat are present all year long.

Saltwater Fishing Areas

Fishing in the Fredrick Sound

The Fredrick Sound is a saltwater fishing area, accessible by boat, that offers excellent fishing and wonderful views of Alaskan Wildlife. Although you can not fish for them, humpback whales regularly pass through the sound, and occasionally Orcas are also passing through. These whales are often viewed up close by fisherman in the area. The sound has abundant schools of herring which bring in big Halibut and King Salmon, which can be targeted by trolling. Although this area is not as well known for fishing as it is for whale watching, excellent Halibut and King Salmon fishing is waiting to be enjoyed.

Petersburg Alaska Charter Fishing Veiw

Portage Bay and Big Creek Fishing

A boat is required to access the Portage bay and Big Creek Fishing areas. All summer long big Halibut and King Salmon can be caught in the area. The mouth of the bay, and areas where the depth of water change rapidly are particularly productive. In some rocky outcroppings large populations of various colorful and tasty Rockfish are also present.

Petersburg AK Dock Fishing

Fishing from shore can also produce for those limited on time, who can not take out a boat. Dollay Varden, Flounder, and occasional other bottom fish can be caught on the bottom. Also Salmon, including King Salmon, and Silvers, have occasionally been caught right from the Docks. If fishing in the area be respectful of boats in and near the harbor, and always follow any posted rules or instructions from the harbormaster.

Fishing in the Wrangell Narrows

A trip to Petersburg is not complete without some time spent fishing the Wrangell Narrows. The narrows offer great Salmon Fishing, especially for Kings and Silvers. Halibut Fishing is also popular in the narrows, but productivity varies greatly from one halibut spot to the next. The narrows are one of the more demanding areas to navigate in larger boats, and many consider successfully navigating through the narrows a point of pride worthy of its own merit.

Fishing in Thomas Bay

A short boat ride from Petersburg Harbor will put you at the mouth of Thomas Bay. Thomas bay has a great reputation for Halibut Fishing all summer long, especially in the mouth of the bay. Inside the bay itself King Salmon Fishing is popular using trolling cut plug herring to get the big Chinook Salmon to strike. Silver Salmon can also be caught in the area seasonally, and a couple of government cabins are in the area for those looking to stay a little longer.

King Salmon Fishing at Beacon Point

From May to June one of the best spots to troll for King Salmon in Beacon Point. Cut Plug Herring are the most popular bait, and are often trolled from multiple fishing rods off the back of the boat. When these big King Salmon attack your bait you know it, and you must be ready for a good fight. There is a bag limit on King Salmon so if you catch your limit early you may want to spend time targeting other fish.

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