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Chum Salmon

Keta Salmon: Oncorhynchus keta
AKA: Chum Salmon, Dog Salmon, Silverbrite Salmon.

Chum Salmon also called Dog Salmon

Ocean: Silver to Blue to Green in Color, No Spots, When near spawning they can start to show larger irregular purplish blotches.
Spawning: In Fresh water Keta Salmon develop a darker coloration with larger irregular stripes or blotches in greens, pinks, purples, and darker shades. Spawning males have a large long snout and enlarged teeth.

Adult Chum Salmon weigh from 8-12 pounds, with an average length of about 25 inches. Alaska State Record for Chum Salmon is 32 pounds.

Food Value:
Chum Salmon have the lowest food value of the five species of Salmon. Commercially they are sometimes targeted for their roe (eggs), which are sold to the Japanese market, but the flesh has little commercial value. Chum Salmon are used extensively as a subsistence food fish in areas where other species of Salmon are less available. They are best smoked or dried.

Fun Factor:
Chum have been called one of the most underrated game fish. They are nicknamed Dog Salmon and believe me they are the bull dogs of the small streams and large rivers that they inhabit. Chum Salmon are excellent fighters and are arguably the most aggressive of the salmon species when spawning. They readily bite almost any flashy lure presented to them, but are most often targeted with flies, spoons, spinners, vibrating lures, and eggs.

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