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Coho Salmon

Coho Salmon: Oncorhynchus kisutch
AKA: Silver Salmon, Silvers

Silver Salmon or Coho Salmon

Ocean: Bright silver with dark blue on the top and back, lighter mouth coloration.
Spawning: In Fresh water Coho Salmon take on darker shades of red and dark green backs. Snout and teeth both become more curved. Some may form a slight hump in the back.

Adult Coho Salmon on average typically weigh from 7-11 pounds, with some exceptional fish reaching 15-25 pounds. Alaska State Record for Coho Salmon is 26 pounds. Commercially caught Coho have been recorded over 32 pounds.

Food Value:
Coho Salmon are a major target of commercial fishermen due to their excellent flavor and texture. Only Kings and Sockeye are considered better eating, and some fishermen consider Coho Salmon their favorite species. Like King and Sockeye they can be very versatile in the kitchen. They taste fantastic prepared in a variety of ways including grilled, BBQ, smoked, baked, or broiled.

Fishing Fun Factor:
Coho Salmon are the strong fighters and are sometimes very acrobatic in freshwater streams and rivers. In salt water they are voracious predators and are often targeted due to the ease and fun of catching fish after fish once a school is located. Coho Salmon sometimes congregate in shallow water making it possible to target them from shore on occasion. In salt water like Kings they are often target by trolling, though once a school is located jigging and placing baits at the depth of the fish can be highly productive. In fresh water they are targeted with Spoons such as the Pixie, eggs, flies, and spinners.

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