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King Salmon

Chinook Salmon: Oncorhynchus tshawytscha
AKA: King Salmon, Jack Salmon, Columbia River Salmon.

King Salmon or Chinook Salmon

Ocean: Bluish green on the top of the head and back with silver sides and silver to white coloration on the underside, Black spots on the tail and upper body, dark grey/black mouth coloration.
Spawning: In Fresh water King Salmon take on darker shades of reds and browns. Snout elongation also occurs.

Adult King Salmon on average typically weigh from 10-50 pounds, with some exceptional fish reaching 70-90 pounds. Alaska State Record for King Salmon is 97 pounds. Commercially caught Alaskan Kings have been recorded over 125 pounds.

Food Value:
Chinook or King Salmon have are considered by many Alaskans to be the BEST eating of all the Alaskan fish species. They have an excellent flavor and firm texture. They taste fantastic prepared in a variety of ways including grilled, BBQ, smoked, baked, or broiled. Kings from the Copper River are world renowned for their rich flavor, color, texture, and high oil content.

Fishing Fun Factor:
King Salmon are the largest of all the Pacific Salmon species and are tough fighters. They are prized as a game fish and food fish by sports fishermen and natives. In salt water King Salmon are typically targeted by trolling whole or cut herring behind flashers at various depths. Trolling spoons and diving lures also sometimes are fished successfully. In fresh water Kings are most often targeted with flies, eggs, spoons such as the Pixie, spinners, and other lures.

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