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Pink Salmon

Pink Salmon: Oncorhynchus gorbuscha
AKA: Pinks, Humpback Salmon, Humpy

Pink Salmon Fishing
Image courtesy of the US Fish and Wildlife Service

Ocean: They have a bright silver color, white mouth with black gums.
Spawning: In Fresh water Pink Salmon take on shades of brown, yellow, and pink. They develop a very profound large hump in their backs. Snout and mouth also becomes curved.

Adult Pink Salmon typically weigh from 4-5 pounds, with some exceptional fish reaching 8-12 pounds. Alaska State Record for Pink Salmon is 12.5 pounds.

Food Value:
Alaska Pink Salmon are fair eating, but are not typically targeted as a food fish by Alaskans for their own consumption. Pink Salmon are often canned and are good tasting smoked, canned, and baked. There flesh is more pale in color and has less oils then other species of Salmon which limits in some ways the preparation. Chunks of Pink Salmon are often used as bait in Alaska.

Fun Factor:
Pink Salmon are the smallest and most abundant of all the types of Pacific Salmon. They can be very fun to catch in large numbers on light tackle. Fishermen targeting Pinks typically use small spinners or spoons, flies, eggs, or beads on fly rods or light tackle.

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