Alaska Fishing

Saltwater Fishing

Alaska Saltwater Fishing for Halibut and Salmon

Saltwater Fishing in Alaska

Saltwater Fishing in Alaska is one of Alaskan Residents' favorite pastimes for good reason.

In the Oceans and Deep Sea areas surrounding Alaska you can wet a line Salmon Fishing, Halibut Fishing, or fishing for Ling Cod, Rock Fish, Snapper, Pacific Cod, Sole, Shark, Flounder, and other Ocean Fish.

Salmon Fishing:

Most Recreational Salmon Fishing in Alaska's saltwater is done from boats using techniques such as trolling. Targeted Species are typically King Salmon and Coho or Silver Salmon. Check our Salmon Fishing section for more detailed information.

Saltwater Fishing for Salmon in Alaska

Halibut Fishing:

Halibut are a fish that likes to live on the bottom of the Ocean. In deep water Halibut are targeted from Charter Boats. Fishing guides typically put the boat in a productive area near bottom structure, and baits are lowered down on weighted lines to the bottom.

Often when fishing for Halibut other fish are also occasionally caught.

Fishing for Rockfish, Cod, Shark and Other Fish:

Rockfish is one of the tastiest fish available in Alaskan Waters. Rockfish and Cod both also are often found near the ocean floor, like halibut, but unlike halibut they are not flatfish but have a more typical fish shape.

Salmon Shark Fishing is becoming a popular sport in Alaska as well because of the strong fight these large and bold predators put up.