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Fishing in Sitka Alaska

Fishing In Sitka Near St Lazaria Island
Image courtesy of the US Fish and Wildlife Service

Sitka Alaska offers fishing for all 5 Species of Pacific Salmon including King Salmon (Chinook), Pink Salmon, Silver Salmon (Coho), Sockeye Salmon, and Chum (Silverbrite Salmon). Fishing in Sitka Alaska can also afford you the opportunity to target Halibut, Ling Cod, and Rockfish in the ocean, as well as Trout, Grayling, Steelhead, Rainbow, Dolly Varden, and other fish in the rivers streams and lakes.

The City of Sitka, located on scenic Baranof Island, is large by Southeast Alaska standards, and although no roads lead to Sitka, there is regular jet air service by Alaska Airlines, as well as a regular ferry schedule. Sitka offers a wonderful assortment of Lodges and Hotels, as well as Charters and Guides who can help make your Alaska Fishing vacation the trip of a lifetime.

Sitka Fishing Lodges

Sitka is one of the best places in Alaska to find an Alaskan Fishing Lodge. Why Sitka? Because Sitka has some of the best Salmon Fishing anywhere in the world, and because there are so many scenic places to build a beautiful lodge. Sitka has fishing lodges and hotels that can accommodate groups or individuals, and there is something for just about every budget.

Some of the Finest Fishing Lodges in Alaska are in and around Sitka. Some Sitka Fishing Lodges are full service, luxury fishing lodges, and offer everything from gourmet food served by visiting chefs to seaside massages... Oh yeah, and you will catch so many Salmon and Halibut you will NEED that massage.

One of the great advantages of booking at a lodge is that often everything is included. You get a place to rest, meals, guided fishing trips, and often access to other amenities. If you are planning a vacation to Sitka, you should consider giving one of the local fishing lodges a try.

Sitka Alaska Fishing Lodge

Sitka Fishing Charters

If you are visiting Sitka and want to go fishing an easy and surefire way to catch fish is to take out one of the Sitka Alaska Fishing Charter Boats. Alaska Charter Boats allow you to head out on the water with an experienced local captain who knows the area and knows how to put you on the fish. Sitka Harbor is home to a number of Charters and Guide Services that are ready to serve you. You can take out a charter for a Halibut Fishing Adventure, or to try you luck at fishing for powerful King Salmon.

Salmon Fishing and Halibut Fishing combination trips are also available from some Sitka Fishing Guides and Charter Companies. Make sure to check if this option is available over the phone. You can also feel free to read our Guide to Choosing an Alaskan Charter or Guide for more information.

Salmon Fishing in Sitka Alaska

Sitka Alaska is probably best known as one of the best places in Alaska to go Salmon Fishing. As Salmon migrate in the Pacific Ocean they almost always pass through Sitka regardless of their ultimate destination. This, combined with the abundance of great waters, makes Sitka one of the worlds most premier Salmon Fishing destinations.

Salmon Fishing in Sitka can be accomplished using an abundance of techniques. Most Salmon in Saltwater are caught out of a boat using techniques such as Trolling or Mooching. You can catch Salmon in Saltwater from shore in some areas, and there is regular runs of Salmon into area creeks, streams, and rivers.

Salmon Fishing in Sitka Alaska
Image courtesy of the US Fish and Wildlife Service

Freshwater Fishing Areas near Sitka

Freshwater Fishing is an enjoyable way to spend a day in Sitka. Although it is on an Island there are still opportunities to fish in various freshwater areas.

Salmon Lake Fishing

A short boat ride from town followed by a 1 mile hike, will put you at the aptly named Salmon Lake. Four different types of Salmon call the lake home, and there is also an abundant population of Trout and Dolly Varden. This is one of the more productive areas to go fishing for Steelhead on the Island. Like many of the remote fishing areas near town, this one also has a forest service cabin and boat available.

Fishing in Sitkoh Creek and Sitkoh Lake

Fishing for salmon in Sitkoh Creek and Lake is often very productive. The creek is located on the Eastern side of Chichagof Island, and runs down out of the lake which has a couple of forest service cabins and boats available for rent. Pink and Silver Salmon, as well as Cutthroat, Rainbow, and Steelhead Trout make this a great place to wet your fly or toss a spoon.

Sawmill Creek Fishing

Fly fishing or Standard fishing is available by road in Sawmill Creek. Silver Salmon, and Dolly Varden make runs up this small creek about 5 miles from town. This is also one of the more popular creeks in the area to go fishing for Rainbow Trout. Blue Lake, which is just above Sawmill Creek, is also a great place to fly fish for rainbows... although a boat is recommended in this lake.

Saltwater Fishing Areas near Sitka

Fishing in Sitka Alaska in a nearby Saltwater Fjord

Saltwater Fishing is a staple activity in Sitka Alaska. Here are some of the many places to fish in Sitka.

Outer Pacific Ocean Fishing

Pacific Ocean Fishing, what is there to say. One of the biggest advantages that Sitka has over other towns in the inside passage is its direct access to the open ocean. Deep waters support Halibut and Rockfish populations, while large schools of Salmon swim in the pelagic waters. Trolling and Bottom fishing is the way to go out here.

Fishing Inside Sitka Sound / Sitka Bay

The Sitka Sound offers Fishing for Salmon and Halibut in more protected waters, yet is connected to the open ocean. Trolling around cover areas produce big King Salmon. Mooching in schools of Coho can also be very exciting and can fill a cooler perhaps faster than any other options. Many Charter Boats and locals fish right in the sound and take advantage of truly amazing fishing within eyesight of the city of Sitka.

Fishing in the Inside Passage Waters and Other Inlets

The Inside Passage Waters and Inlets are a favorite fishing area when the weather is less cooperative. There are literally more inlets, waterways, and hidden saltwater coves than I could even count between Baranof, Chichagof, and the other surrounding Islands. When the seas are rough head over to the leeward side of the Island for protected waters and aggressive Salmon and Halibut just waiting to jump on the hook.

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