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Fishing in Skagway Alaska

Skagway Alaska is a very accessible town by Southeast Alaska standards. A trip to Skagway can be accomplished by Road, Sea, or Air, but most visitors to Skagway come via the sea on one of the many cruise ships that make port in this popular tourist destination.

Fishing in Skagway is often overlooked by cruise ship passengers, but the locals know better. Locals, and some of the more adventurous tourists, seek out Wild Alaskan Salmon and giant Halibut in the waters around and just outside Skagway. One of the advantages that Skagway has over other fishing areas, is its lack of large scale commercial fishing. Without the big nets and long liners, there are more Salmon and Halibut to catch for the sports fisherman.

Skagway Alaska Fishing in the Taiya Inlet

King Salmon Fishing in Skagway Alaska

For the last 100+ years, Fishing in Skagway has largely gone unchanged. Although you can fish for four different varieties of Salmon, King Salmon is one of the most targeted species. Wild Alaskan King Salmon, or Chinook Salmon, are the largest of the Pacific Salmon and are one of the most aggressive fighters.

Skagway has an abundance of Wild King Salmon, and the fishery is enhanced by a hatchery program, which helps wild salmon reproduce through managed egg fertilization and the raising of juvenile salmon for release into the wild. This all combines to make Skagway a prime Alaskan fishing destination for anyone longing to catch the famed wild Alaskan salmon.

A number of local charters with experienced Alaskan Guides are waiting to help you catch those big King Salmon. Some Charter Boats and Guides work directly with the cruise lines and allow you to book trips as a shore excursion. Other guides and charters work independently. Sometimes these independent Charter Boats offer some of the best Value for your money. Be sure to check out our guide on How to Choose a Charter Boat or Fishing Guide to book your Alaska Salmon Fishing Trip.

King Salmon Fishing in Skagway

Skagway Alaska Halibut Fishing

Halibut Fishing in Skagway is also not to be overlooked. The Taiya Inlet is deep and has abundant structure, it is the perfect habitat for Giant Alaskan Halibut. Halibut fishing is done in deep water on the bottom of the sea. Halibut, which are flatfish, cruise along deep banks and changes in depth feeding on smaller fish and other creatures.

A number of Halibut Charters are available as well out of Skagway although they are not as popular as the Salmon Charters. You can choose to book your trip through the cruise line, or you could go with a local independent charter captain. Halibut Fishing can be very exciting, and while fishing for halibut other bottom fish such as flounder, rockfish, and lingcod are occasionally also brought up onto the boat. 

Halibut Fishing in Skaway

Skagway Alaska's Freshwater Fishing Areas

Taiya River Fishing

The Taiya River runs through Skagway Alaska, and offers a great opportunity to go Fishing for Dolly Varden. In the spring and fall Dolly Varden run through the river, and there is a small population of fish that reside there year round. Spinners and flies are some of the more popular options to catch these fun and acrobatic fish..

Salmon Fishing at Pullen Creek

Fishing in Pullen Creek offers a chance to catch Pink Salmon and Dolly Varden. Although not as flavorful as other Salmon species, pink Salmon are very fun to catch, and can make good table fare when prepared correctly.

Fishing in Skagway Area Lakes

High Elevation lakes, such as Dewey Lakes, Lost Lake, Goat Lake, and Devils Punchbowl are stocked with various species of trout as well as grayling. A fly fishers paradise, these remote and often ignored areas offer a peaceful escape from the typical "combat fishing" found in other towns.

Saltwater Fishing Areas near Skagway

Lynn Canal

The Lynn Canal is one of the deepest and longest fjords in the world, as well as the deepest in North America. Some sections are over 2000 feet deep. Fishing for Halibut, King Salmon and Ling Cod are popular. Large Halibut are frequently caught just outside town, and catches of Rockfish and both sport and subsistence Crab and Shrimp fishing are also available.

Taiya Inlet

The Taiya Inlet is a glacially carved deep water fjord that runs from the top of the Lynn Canal near Haines up to the town of Skagway. Halibut fishing as well as fishing for hatchery Chinook or King Salmon are popular in the inlet. Silver Salmon can be caught as well as Dolly Varden. Trolling is the most popular method for targeting King Salmon, and bottom fishing is the way to go for Halibut.

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